Wednesday, March 11, 2015

5 changes Paula Katz wants to bring to Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

By Wei-Huan Chen
Paula Katz, interim director of iMOCA, sites near a pile of wood shavings from Phil Campbell's solo show "Your Catfish Friend." (Photo: Michelle Pemberton / The Star)
INDIANA---Katz was recently tapped as the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art's interim executive director following Shauta Marsh's departure in February. Well, there's this list. It's neither a grand vision nor iMOCA's new mission statement (though Katz is working with the board to write one of those up). But it's a start. [link]
Here are the changes Katz already is working on implementing:
  1. Create an "insiders" program
  2. Expand iMOCA's exhibits and hours
  3. Develop an older, more affluent donor base, with a focus on the Northside
  4. Find more ways to a better financial future
  5. Focus more on contemporary design and other ideas;