Monday, March 2, 2015

Nigerian royalty portraits at the Newark Museum are the "real deal"

By Sarah Cascone
George Osodi, HRM Agbogidi Obi James Ikechukwu Anyasi II, Obi of Idumuje Unor (2012). Photo: George Osodi, courtesy the Newark Museum.
NEW JERSEY---Catch a glimpse of Nigerian royalty at the Newark Museum, now showing 40 near-life-size color portraits from photographer George Osodi. Last year, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C., offered a historical look at the country's royal court with five decades worth of photos taken by Chief Solomon Osagie Alonge (see See Solomon Osagie Alonge's Rare Photographs of Nigerian Royal Court). For "Royals and Regalia: Inside the Palaces of Nigeria's Monarchs," the Newark Museum is instead turning the spotlight on the country's modern-day monarchies. The new photo series by Osodi, making its US debut, is displayed with objects from the museum's collection of Nigerian clothing and regalia. [link]

Newark Museum: "Royals and Regalia: Inside the Palaces of Nigeria's Monarchs," (Ends August 9, 2015); 49 Washington Street, Newark, NJ; (973) 596-6550;