Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The sacred space behind Sam Shahid’s closed doors

By Cathy Horyn
Sam Shahid in the living room of his three-story home in Greenwich Village. François Halard
As an art director, Sam Shahid composes pictures that make you stop and look: a young couple, nude, on the back of an elephant; a tangle of men engaged in a game of sexual Twister. Shahid, in his uniform of khakis and a crisp white shirt, describes his style as American Pure. “I always use the words ‘simplicity’ and ‘direct,’ ” he says. To enter Shahid’s three-story prewar apartment in Greenwich Village is to understand those words, and to get the sense that success has bought him something else: silence. [More]

Shahid’s reading room includes a custom table, a pair of Paul Kjaerholm chairs and a Richard Prince drawing. François Halard