Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chinese Buddhist Master Paints 'Unique' Portraits of Modi Ahead of Historic Visit

By Ananth Krishnan
Symbolic: Jinke Xuanlei’s first painting depicts Modi and Xi standing under an elephant and dragon
CHINA---When Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in China on Thursday, a unique welcome awaits him. Over the past six months, in anticipation of the prime minister’s visit, Chinese Buddhist master Jinke Xuanlei and his disciples have been at work preparing two unique portraits of the PM – arguably the first ever artistic renditions by Chinese painters of an Indian leader. Jinke Xuanlei, who has a following in China for teaching Esoteric Buddhism, says his project was, in part, motivated by a recent trip to India. His larger mission is to revive the once-strong Buddhism connection between the two countries. [link]