Monday, May 4, 2015

The silence of a graveyard flows through India and Pakistan

By Danial Shah
INDIA---Forty kilometres south of Dera Ismail Khan after the village of Paroa on the main Indus Highway, is a poorly painted roadside sign, pointing travellers to the right. "Ancient Tombs and Graveyard," it reads. The trail – rough, uncarpeted and dusty – runs alongside a small irrigation channel and green fields. We turn left after seven kilometres, where the trail ends at the village of Lal Marah Sharif. This village has a huge graveyard, where stand four distinct and beautifully constructed tombs — graves of the unknown. Inayatullah, a young man with a thin moustache, is the current caretaker of the graveyard. [link]

Inayatullah shows a photo of the tomb before restoration