Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Manhattan fortuneteller costs man a fortune for a broken heart

By Michael Wilson
The Times Square shop from which, the police say, Priscilla Kelly Delmaro bilked a lovelorn Brooklyn man out of $713,975. Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times
NEW YORK---Everyone knows that when a man loves a woman, he can’t keep his mind on nothing else. He’ll spend his very last dime. Give up all his comfort, sleep out in the rain. But for a 32-year-old man from Brooklyn, those things actually happened, and much, much more, during his long quest to be reunited with the woman he loved. Nothing could stop him. He had an ally in his quest, he said, a fortuneteller who fought the evil spirits day and night from her storefront in Times Square, according to accusations that led the police to arrest her last month. Bank statements were given to detectives: He was out $713,975. [link]