Saturday, July 18, 2015

Getty Center to recreate the Buddhist cave temples of China's Dunhuang

By Even Kahn
A tribute horse, left, and camel, from the ninth century, rendered in ink and pigments on paper, from the Getty Museum exhibition “Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China’s Silk Road.”Credit The Trustees of the British Museum
CALIFORNIA---Next summer, visitors to the Getty Center’s hilltop compound in Los Angeles will be able to duck into reproductions of Chinese caverns lined in colorful Buddhist deities as part of an exhibition, “Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China’s Silk Road.” The show will highlight the Getty’s three decades of conservation work at the Dunhuang temples, which were cut into cliffs in the Gobi desert between the fourth and 14th centuries. A related show with British loans, “Ways of Knowing and Re-creating Dunhuang,” opens in October at the Princeton University Art Museum. [link]