Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Houston artist, Jamie Wells' work looks at paintings as prayer

By Allan Turner
Jamie Wells paints to bring to the light the atrocities Isis is committing against Yazidi children. 
TEXAS---The power in Jamie Wells' portraits lies in the eyes, the windows to the soul. Whether working in the closet-sized studio in her West Houston home or on the altar of her church, where she conveys the essence of a sermon-in-progress in bold slashes of bright acrylic paint, her goal always is to capture the moment's deepest meanings. Her paintings pack an emotional punch: joy, sorrow or the sublimity of God. Canvases that are part of her "Artworship" series always are intended - through their "sale" through donations - to better the world. "God is the audience we are trying to please," Wells said. "We look at paintings as a prayer." The paintings have benefited charities at Ecclesia Church and Bayou City Fellowship, where Wells and her artist husband, Jeremy Wells, are members.[link]