Soul-searching in Israel after attacks on gays and Arabs

By Jodi Rudoren
Political death notices mourn Palestinian baby, Israeli teen (Photo by Ilana Sichel)
ISRAEL---On one edge of the Zion Square gathering, an Orthodox yeshiva student was in heated debate with a secular couple over the hierarchy of sin. The focal point was a black cloth with simple white chalk Hebrew letters spelling out “Ali Saad Dawabsheh” and “Shira Banki,” the Palestinian toddler burned to death in his West Bank home and the 16-year-old Jewish girl fatally stabbed at a gay pride march in Jerusalem. [link]
Groups formed at Zion Square in Jerusalem on Thursday to discuss the recent deaths of a 16-year-old Jewish girl and a Palestinian toddler, which have been attributed to religious fanatics. Credit Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times