3,000 miniature storefronts make up London's new 'Tower of Babel'

By Kevin Holmes
Artist Barnaby Barford stands in front of his work 'Tower of Babel'. Credit: PA Wire.
UNITED KINGFOM---British ceramic artist Barnaby Barford has created a retail version of the Biblical Tower of Babel for London's V&A museum. Standing at 6m tall (nearly 20') "The Tower of Babel" is comprised of 3,000 bone china shops all made by the artist. Barford spent several years cycling around London's 32 boroughs, covering 1,000 miles to photograph 6,000 shop fronts, which he then repurposed for the installation. The Biblical tower was a melting pot for human language, but Bartford's tower is a different kind of melting pot. [link]
(No. 2201) Christian Bookshop, 93 Wood Street, Walthamstow, England. Dimension: H 12 x W 6.5 x L3.8 cm; Material: Fine Bone China
Barnaby Barford 'The Tower of Babel' bone china buildings (c) Barnaby Barford
Barnaby Barford's 'The Tower of Babel' installed in the V&A's Medieval and Renaissance Galleries. (c) Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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