Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Danish-born Alexander Tovborg is engrossed with all religious experiences

Untitled (credo quia absurdum), 2015 Bronholm rosa granite, gold leaf, glass, water from Prometheus Cave 34 3/5 × 25 3/5 × 25 3/5 in
DENMARK---Despite the fact that artist Alexander Tovborg identifies with no one religion, and never has, he is engrossed in religious experience, mythology, and spirituality. Tovborg constantly reads, attends services, embarks on pilgrimages, and speaks with devout individuals. Tovborg’s paintings—vivid, large-scale acrylics on felt, in jewel tones that make use of a carefully crafted, highly symbolic visual lexicon—gracefully and imaginatively embody the human experience of religion. [link]

Photo by Nicky Bonne. Courtesy Alexander Tovborg