eL Seed gives Islamic art a new breath with calligraffiti

The famous words of Miguel de Unamuno: ‘Venceréis, pero no convenceréis’, meaning ‘You will win, but you will not convince’ – Frankfurt, Germany
MALAYSIA---eL Seed was born and raised in suburban Paris to Tunisian parents. He started spraypainting in the 90s, as form of self-exploration of his multiple identities and heritage. With hip-hop, graffiti and Arabic calligraphy as his focal interests, it is perhaps no surprise that these culminated in the creation of calligraffiti: street art that blends graffiti techniques and Arabic calligraphy. Having given a recent TEDtalk (see below) on the positive potential of street art, he is acutely aware of the impact that art can have for social change. [link]