Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anish Kapoor is exhibiting at the Jewish Museum in Moscow

By Nadja Sayej
My Red Homeland, 2003, Wax and oil-based paint, steel arm and motor, Diameter: 12 m. Photo: Nic Tenwiggenhorn. ©Anish Kapoor, 2015
RUSSIA---Almost immediately after British sculptor Anish Kapoor's solidarity walk for refugees with Ai Weiwei through London, he flew to Moscow to open a solo exhibition at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Entitled "My Red Homeland," he shows four artworks from 1993-2007 in a museum which typically focuses on Jewish history with multimedia presentations. The show is strange for two reasons: it’s billed to be Kapoor’s first show in Moscow, when really, he showed here years ago. Secondly, he was born to a non-religious Jewish mother (“I’d say cosmopolitan,” he quips) and Kapoor isn’t religious himself.  [link]