Saturday, October 31, 2015

An illustrated guide to the 613 Jewish commandments

By Mark Oppenheimer
"The 613" by Archie Rand to be released on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles on Nov 10, 2015
PUBLISHING---“The 613,” a wonderfully garish book with one painting per page, will be published next week (Blue Rider, $45). Most people know that there are 10 commandments, enumerated in the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, and given on tablets to Moses — even if we do not necessarily know what those commandments are. But there are more: From Genesis through Deuteronomy, there are a total of 613 commandments, as counted by medieval sages. [link]
Archie Rand in his studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Mr. Rand's new book is "The 613," which displays one painting for each of the 613 Jewish commandments. Credit Christian Hansen for The New York Times