Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sanctuary of art: Explore Rene Alvarado’s mystical world

By Will Dean
“The Bathers” by Rene Alvarado. Acrylic oil on canvas, 7x10 feet. (Photo: Submitted)
TEXAS---View the work of Rene Alvarado and you get a glimpse at the young artist’s salvation. Mysticism and religious symbolism permeate many of his paintings, ranging from actual sacred cows to interpretations of the important women in his life as Madonna (the original one). Even his work that skews toward secular fantasy begins in a reverential space. For 10 years, Alvarado has painted in a beautiful church he converted into a home and studio in San Angelo, Texas. Starting Oct. 9, Coachella Valley art enthusiasts will have an opportunity to see a show of the work he’s created there and to meet the artist. [link]