Saturday, October 3, 2015

Theatre Review: ‘Believers,’ a couple’s extreme tests of faith

By Sandy MacDonald
A young couple, played by Allison Linker and Ben Sumrall in the background, is juxtaposed with their older counterparts, played by Tony Travostino and Mary Lauren, in “Believers,” at the Workshop Theater Company. Credit Gerry Goodstein
NEW YORK---Before-and-after stories usually follow a redemptive script: Miraculous amelioration is the norm. In “Believers,” however, the playwright Ken Jaworowski is dealing with marriage, a covenant not known for its surefire happy outcomes. In this WorkShop Theater Company production, directed by Alex Dmitriev, two sets of actors portray one couple in brief, alternating scenes set in disparate phases: the early, heady, romantic days (mid-’90s) and “20-plus years later,” which is to say roughly the present. [link]