Friday, November 20, 2015

Where collectors discover affordable art and artists online

By Orli Bendor

Outstanding art is cropping up in the most unexpected places. Furniture makers, design firms, and even frabric hours had added the finishing touches---prints and paintings---to their offering. And its never been easier to get a piece frames: A bevy of new sites make it a snap. Here, a guide to the new art landscape for every style and budget.

  • MINTED.COM A crowdsourced platform for artists from all over the globe to sell their work at an affordable price point. 
  • ARTFULLYWALLS.COM Take the guesswork out of creating a gallery wall by virtually arranging, and rearranging, to yous heart's content. 
  • PUREPHOTO.COM The destination for contemporary photography, with a fantastic search function and an established program with the design trade. 
  • LITTLECOLLECTOR.COM The first contemporary gallery for art aiemed at nurseries and kids' rooms, with works by noted artists created exclusively for the site. 
  • ARTSY.NET An interactive encyclopdia of artists, fairs, galleries, and even museum exhibitions, for everyone from students to collectors. 
  • ARTSPACE.COM A mammoth online marketplace for both emerging and A-leit artists, with pieces rancing from $100 to $100,0000.