Friday, May 6, 2016

St Peter's Seminary: A New Life for Scotland's Greatest Modernist Ruin

Illuminated interior of NVA's Hinterland, formerly known as St Peter's Seminary. Photo by Alaisdair Smith.
SCOTLAND---For 30 years, one of the world’s most architecturally important buildings has stood neglected on Scotland’s west coast, falling inexorably into disrepair. Yet, perversely, the ruination of the former St Peter’s Seminary at Cardross has only enhanced its legend and its sense of presence. However, it served in this intended capacity for only a few years as the church changed policy and student numbers dwindled. Over three decades of neglect, it became a temple to graffiti artists and a playground for urban explorers, giving free rein to the imaginations of both. Now, almost exactly 50 years since it was built, the building has been reborn as the venue for Hinterland, a public arts project as daring and innovative as the building itself. [link]

Graffiti on a wall at NVA's Hinterland. Photo by Alan McAteer.