Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sam Havadtoy Lace Art Inspired by Catholic Confessions

By Elisabetta Povoledoju
"Fiat 500" (2016" by Sam Havadtoy
ITALY---The common element to the eclectic group of works that Sam Havadtoy created for his exhibit “Only Remember the Future” at the Mudima Foundation here is not immediately noticeable to the eye. Mr. Havadtoy primes his canvases with handwritten personal stories that are then buried under layers of paint and lace so that they cannot be read. He described the process as a “confession that no one hears. So the lace is a ritual, the final act of that story, moving on from that story,” he said.  It is a nod to the deeply rooted — if rarely followed — religious tradition of his newly adopted home, Italy, as well as a rumination on “the trials we go through in life.”[link]
Image: Darabos Gy├Ârgy