Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Christ's Family Including His Mother and Brother's at the National Gallery of Art

South German 15th Century (Swabian or Franconian) South German 15th Century Swabian 15th Century Franconian 15th Century The Holy Kinship c. 1480/1490 polychromed wood overall: 128 x 112.5 x 27 cm (50 3/8 x 44 5/16 x 10 5/8 in.) Patrons' Permanent Fund2002.13.1 On View
WASHINGTON, DC---The Gospels refer to Christ's "brothers," but the extended family presented in this altarpiece emerged from medieval legends. The subject—usually called the Holy Kinship—appears often from the late fifteenth century, especially in northern Europe. This group, designed to rest on an altar, may be one of the very earliest interpretations of this subject in sculpture. Mary and her mother are in the center with the infant Jesus. Their brilliant colors are remarkably well preserved; probably because this original paint was protected by overpaint applied in later times. Today, the grouping rests on a pedestal, instead of an altar at the National Gallery of Art. [link]