Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Scott G. Brooks Paints Everyday Objects as Religious Relics

“The Shaming” by Scott G. Brooks. Oil on canvas | 30" x 40" |
AUSTRALIA---Scott G. Brooks, featured here on our blog, paints offbeat portraits, often expressing a surreal narrative inspired by children’s books and his own psyche. For his new series, Scott has produced a body of work that makes “relics” of every day objects like plastic dolls incorporated into his portraits. In one portrait, “The Shaming”, he reproduces the image of Christ wearing a crown of thorns and clutching a Barbie doll. His fingers cross with a red crayon to form the letters “IC XC” (Greek letters for “Jesus Christ”), bringing a whimsy to the serious tone of religious portraiture. Though the setting is imaginative, the series sees Brooks using a more realistic style. [link]

beinArt Gallery: “Curios” (Ends June 21, 2016); 1 Sparta Place, Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC 3056, Australia; +61 420949925;

Anacostia Arts Center: "Uncovered | Scott G. Brooks & Todd Franson" Washington, DC, (Ends July 16, 2016); 1231 Good Hope Road SE · Washington DC; (202)365-8392;
“Like a Prayer” Oil on canvas | 30" x 40" |
“This Rapture Will Be Facebooked” Oil on canvas | 30" x 40" |