Saturday, October 22, 2016

Baby Jesus Statue in Canada Turns Heads With Artist's 'Shocking' Restoration

By Ashifa Kassam in Toronto
Heather Wise, the local artist who sculpted the new baby Jesus head, said the project was ‘an honour of my entire art career’. Photograph: Marina von Stackelberg/CBC
CANADA---About a year ago, the head of baby Jesus was knocked off again. This time, it seemed, the vandals had taken it with them. The statue stood headless for months as the church’s priest, Gérard Lajeunesse, asked local businesses about crafting a new head. It would have to be custom-made, he was told, and could cost as much as C$10,000 ($7,500). It was around then that he received a knock on his door from a local artist. Heather Wise had been walking the church’s grounds with a friend when she noticed the headless statue. The new head was attached about two weeks ago. Reaction was swift; parishioners reacted with hurt, surprise, and disappointment, Father Lajeunesse told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. [link]