Sunday, October 16, 2016


By Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton
"Untitled" (Paradise) 2014 by Cecily Brown, Watercolor, ink, ballpoint pen on paper, 14 1/8 x 20 1/8. Courtesy of the artist. Photography by Genevieve Hanson
London-born painter, Cecily Brown has said that learning to draw is teaching yourself how to see. Such preparation is the idea behind “Rehearsal,” an exhibition that recently opened at the Drawing Center in Manhattan. The show includes more than 80 drawings and sketchbooks by the artist as she searched for lessons in gestures and lines. Her influences include the 19th-century Spanish artist Francisco Goya and Franz von Bayros, an early-20th-century “decadent art” illustrator of pornographic scenes. The erotic and also the tender and sweet are recurring themes which call to mind humanity's rehearsal in the Garden of Eden. Her work has shown in museums and galleries worldwide and this week, Cecily Brown's "Paradise" (below) is our art of the week.

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