Monday, November 14, 2016

Exhibit challenges the duality of Christian language in Susmaryosep! exhibit

Using his “creative imagination”, Malto’s suggestive narratives by referencing religious images in his paintings reflect today’s reality and the artist’s inner subjectivity.
PHILIPPINES---Today, more than ever, the Filipino public is advised to go beyond the literal meaning of words. In a painting exhibit, Susmaryosep!,” artist and University of the Philippines Fine Arts professor Marco Ruben T. Malto II resorts to pun or play on words to offer new meanings to familiar lines or phrases. Malto’s latest works mirror widespread images surrounding the country brought about by current social, political and economic events that often prompt people to cry Susmaryosep (Jesus-Mary-Joseph)! The artist also features how the Filipino faithful’s devotions to popular Catholic religious icons, and the beliefs that they represent, continue to manifest themselves in these troubled times. [link]