Saturday, April 29, 2017

Chris Ofili - weaving magic, UK's National Gallery: 'An irresistible pagan altar to art'

By Alastair Sooke, art critic
Chris Ofili
's Cocktail Serenaders (Spray) (2014), on display at the National Gallery CREDIT: © CHRIS OFILI COURTESY THE ARTIST AND VICTORIA MIRO, LONDON
LONDON---Hard on the heels of Marc Quinn’s sexy show at the Soane Museum, and Damien Hirst’s disastrous, bloated offering in Venice, comes another exhibition by an artist associated with the Britart movement: Chris Ofili. In a free display in its Sunley Room, the National Gallery presents The Caged Bird’s Song, a new tapestry designed by Ofili, suffused with a sense of magic, myth and sensuality – and, boy, is it gorgeous. [link]

Chris Ofili, The Caged Bird's Song, 2014–2017. Wool, cotton and viscose. Triptych, left and right panels each 280 x 184 cm; centre panel 280 x 372 cm. Photography: Gautier Deblonde.