Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mahtab Hussain's portraits of British Muslim men – in pictures

Shemagh, beard and blingh
LONDON, UK---In his series You Get Me? Mahtab Hussain documents the rich variety of male, working-class, British Muslim identity. An exhibition of the work is at Autograph, London, until 1 July; a book, "You Get Me?," will be published by Mack in June. Born in Scotland in 1981 and now based in London, Hussain is studying for a PhD in photography at Nottingham Trent university. He describes the series as ‘an intimate portrait on negotiating masculinity, self-esteem, social identity, and religion in a multicultural society faced with high unemployment, discrimination in the workplace, and racism’. [More]
Teenager, swing and last day at school
Green chalk stripe suit
Young boy, white boxing gloves