Wednesday, July 5, 2017

‘Glorious Splendor’ exhibit to examine Roman Christian art

Roman, Sardonyx Cameo Busts of Septimius Severus and Julia Domna, Set in a Gold Pendant, about AD 207–211. It is one of the pieces to be shown in an upcoming exhibit at the Toledo Museum Art.
TOLEDO---The Toledo Museum of Art this fall will house an ancient art exhibition that focuses on the splendor of late Roman art surrounding the transition to a Christian society. The 30 works that will be displayed in the exhibit Glorious Splendor: Treasures of Early Christian Art are jewelry and other luxury objects made from precious gems and stone, dating from 2nd century B.C. to 7th century A.D., said the show’s curator, Adam Levine, TMA curator of ancient art. The time period in late Roman history, also referred to as Late Antiquity, centers around a transition from a pagan society to a Christian one, including such significant events as the consecration of Constantinople as the new Roman Empire capital and the Roman emperor Constantine the Great’s baptism in the year 337 A.D. [More]