Thursday, August 31, 2017

British artist Zarah Hussain's Numina gives traditional Islamic patterns a digital overhaul

By Nick Leech
Zarah Hussain's digital Numina installation at The Barbican. Courtesy Max Colson
If all goes well, September 20 will be a day that gives Zarah Hussain reason to celebrate. An artist whose work combines the traditions of Islamic geometrical design with the very latest digital technology, Hussain discovered at the end of July that one of her installations, Numina, had been selected for the Lumen Prize longlist. An international award that celebrates and promotes digital art and creativity, the Lumen Prize recognises projects that occupy a space where art, research and technology meet, which seems like a pretty good fit for Hussain’s work, sitting as it does at the intersection of science and spirituality, drawing and coding. [More]