Thursday, March 1, 2018

Conservatives in Peru call LGBT art installation ‘Blasphemous’

By Frances Jenner
The exhibition comes at the same time as the proposal of a new law that would make religious defamation a crime, and is a clear example of the strong roots Catholicism has in Peruvian Society.
LIMA, Peru---A controversial new art exhibition opened in Lima at the beginning of February, and is making waves in the traditionally Catholic Peru. Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo and Andrew Mroczek, Peruvian and American respectively, are collaborative artists whose work focuses on themes of masculinity, gender, sexuality and the effects of patriarchy as a social system. Their most recent work, ‘Canon’, is funded by the Spanish government, and focuses on transgender women and homosexual men, in their exhibitions ‘Virgenes de la Puerta’ (Virgins of the door) and ‘Los Chicos’ (The boys).‘Virgenes de la Puerta’ can be seen at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima until April 1. ‘Los Chicos’ is at the Cultural Centre of Spain, also in Lima, and is showing until April 23. [More]