Monday, May 28, 2018

Avatars of the Hindu Gods at Allentown Art Museum

ALLENTOWN, PA---Similar to Christianity, some Hindus explain this singular entity as a trinity of male forms: Brahma (The Creator), Shiva (The Destroyer), and Vishnu (The Preserver). Other Hindus, however, explain the supreme deity in female form, or Shakti. As Hinduism developed in India, it enveloped a vast range of local deities into its pantheon; many new deities also emerged over time. Many Hindus regarded these deities, totaling some 330 million by some believers’ count, as manifestations of one supreme, universal spirit, known as Brahman. Explore the world of this Indian sculpture at the Allentown Art Museum through an exhibition of avatars.

Allentown Art Museum: "Indian Sculpture: Avatars of the Hindu Gods"; 31 North Fifth Street, Allentown, PA; (610)432-4333;