Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lorenzo Vitturi's "Money Must Be Made" opens in London's Flower's Gallery

Painted Agbe, Italian Leather, Coral Beads and Horn, from the series Money Must be Made
LONDON---Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by London-based Italian artist Lorenzo Vitturi. The works in his new series Money Must be Made are based at the Balogun Market in Lagos, Nigeria, the second biggest market of its kind in West Africa. In his newest series, Vitturi explores Balogun Market, where its thriving business is causing global corporations to relocate. Populated by tens of thousands of people each day, Vitturi describes the throng of Balogun market as a “sensory overload” of colour and noise. A large mural print on the central wall of the gallery shows an overhead image of the street market in full swing, commanding the rhythm of the surrounding exhibition. [More]
Lorenzo Vitturi's "White Tarpaulin, Chinese Cloth and Ewe Agoin" (2017). Archival Pigment Print, 51 ⅛ x 33 ⅞ in, Edition of 5 plus 1 artist's proof