Saturday, June 2, 2018

Dallas Museum of Art acquires rare painting by German master Derick Baegert

Detail of Derick Baegert's "The Descent from the Cross" (1480-1490)
DALLAS, TX.- The Dallas Museum of Art today announced its acquisition of The Descent from the Cross by the German master painter Derick Baegert (c. 1440 - c. 1509). Painted around 1480-1490, the monumentally-scaled panel is an exceptional example of Baegert’s distinctive style, which reflects the transitional period between medieval and Renaissance painting. As the inaugural acquisition of the Marguerite and Robert Hoffman Fund for pre-1700 European Art, this masterpiece of Northern European painting is the first work of its kind to enter the DMA’s holdings and is the first work by this artist to enter a US museum. [More]
Derick Baegert, The Descent from the Cross, Dallas Museum of Art, Marguerite and Robert Hoffman Fund in memory of Dr. William B. Jordan.