Monday, July 2, 2018

Tobias Rehberger’s artist friends are always with him in their art

Show Us Your Walls
By Adam Popescu
The German sculptor Tobias Rehberger in his Frankfurt home, surrounded by the art created by his friends. His collection includes work by Olle Baertling, Jorge Pardo, Andreas Eriksson and Martin Kippenberger.
FRANKFURT — Navel orange, royal blue and purple, Black Forest green: A color psychologist would have a field day here. “It’s uplifting,” says the German sculptor Tobias Rehberger happily puffing a Lucky Strike in the citrus-hued bedroom filled with silk-screened prints that recreate every canvas painted by the avant-garde Swede Olle Baertling. Mr. Rehberger, 51, is known for his abstract mixtures of art and architecture. The other unchanging factor is the work with which he surrounds himself. Nearly everything here was made by friends, some of them no longer living. "I wouldn’t call it a collection. There’s no system in it other than I like [the] work of friends. Or maybe they’re my friends because I like their work. Both are a little bit true." [More]