Thursday, August 2, 2018

Egypt is set to build its first museum of religious tolerance

By Sar Ahmed
A German museum, Story of Berlin, held an exhibition which explored ‘Faith and Tolerance’ and how the three Abrahamic religions shaped the history of the city of Berlin. Credit: Dreamstime
The Minister of Antiquities has announced that a committee will be appointed the task of creating Egypt’s very first museum of religious tolerance. The news of the museum was reported on Thursday, via Egypt Independent; it will supposedly be located in the New Administrative Capital, near the city’s main mosque. It will also include pieces from the ancient Egyptian period as well as the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish civilizations all while highlighting Islam’s teachings of tolerance and Egypt’s diverse religions. The council is undergoing an election process of centerpieces that will be made ready for display at the time of the museum’s construction, under the supervision of a panel of professionals. [More]