Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Living the Life in West Palm Beach

By Ernest Disney-Britton
Following an early morning photo-op with Dr. Angela Corley on campus, we drove 3.5 hours past sugar cane fields and five-foot-wide canals, as we completed the journey to Palm Beach to visit Dave Lawrence, and his partner Jim. Corley had us thinking about gators, lizards, pythons, and boas. She is obsessed. Before reaching Dave, we stopped to see my cousin Tiffany Britton at her new job at United Technologies (or maybe the CIA). Dave's offices at the Palm Beach County Cultural Council are far more to my liking. It's a former art deco movie theatre with a mural on the backside. We had seafood at Bennies on the beachfront for dinner; drinks at their backyard pool, and we drove by Mara-largo. The latter is big but not as impressive as I'd expected.