Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Rasa, Ravinder Reddy’s First One-Man Exhibition in Kolkata

By Soumitra Da
A migrant labourer carrying her belongings. Photo: Special arrangement
The gopurams or pyramidal towers of South Indian temples bristle with thousands of figures of deities. Rural deities or grama devatas, occasionally stark naked, are the guardians of villages in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. G. Ravinder Reddy strips these figures of their divinity and turns them into icons of working women of our times, transformed in his imagination into empowered goddesses who can hold their own, irrespective of class and social status. Seven such mainly polyester resin fiberglass heads of goddesses of various sizes, mostly voluminous, are on display at Rasa, Reddy’s first one-man exhibition in Kolkata. It is curated by Anupa Mehta. [More]