Saturday, August 17, 2019

Collector: Brian Phillips Juxtaposes the Erotic and the Familiar

Show Us Your Walls
By Warren Strugatch
Brian Phillips in his living room with, from left, “Black Goo, White Lace” (2015) by Torbjorn Rodland and “Loon” (2011) by Wyatt Kahn. 
When Brian Phillips came to New York in 1998, he quickly gravitated toward the downtown art and fashion scenes and, through internships at Paper, Elle and Visionaire, connected with other aspiring, boundary-smudging tastemakers, and haunted contemporary art hot spots. He also found mentors who guided him. As a collector, Mr. Phillips favors contemporary art and photography, often created by artists he has met, including Paul Lee and Matt Saunders. His taste in art is strikingly personal and he has acquired several homoerotic pieces. "Yes. Gay and lesbian artists have been marginalized in the canon. I feel compelled to do my small part to support their work and influence." [More]
“Harness” (1983-84), by Sarah Charlesworth, in the master bedroom of Mr. Phillips’s home.