Sunday, August 11, 2019


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Antonio Tempesta's "The Egyptians Drowning in the Red Sea"; Sotheby's Asking Price: $850,000
Born in Florence in 1555 and died in Rome in August 0f 1630, Antonio Tempesta was a painter and engraver best known for his battle scenes including "The Egyptians Drowning in the Red Sea." The Red Sea painting is an exceptional and characteristic example of his ingenious works on stone. In it, he illustrates, the Bible passage from Exodus in which God clears the path of freedom for the Israelites by dividing the Red Sea. This painting will be offered at Sotheby's NYC in September, and that makes Antonio Tempesta our artist of the week.

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Attributed to Antonio Tempesta The Transfiguration oil on alabaster laid down on slate Painting 11 3/8 x 9¾ in. (29.2 x 24.7 cm.)
Attributed to Antonio Tempesta MOSES CLOSING UP THE RED SEA ON THE PHARAOH AND HIS ARMY Oil on canvas Painting 129 X 181 CM
"Allegory of religion." Antonio Tempesta
Caenis in virginitatis amissae solatium in virum fortissm. a Neptuno transformatur (The Rape of Caenis), pl.115 from the series Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Antonio Tempesta, Italian (1555-1630), David Kills Goliath, 1613, etching. Reimagined by Gibon.