New Online Platform Celebrates 'Islamic Art'

The founders of - who are artists themselves - saw a need for an online hub of cultural excellence which champions both the traditional styles of Islamic art, as well as its more modern counterparts, in front of a global audience.
A brand new online platform, is bringing together artists from all over the world to sell prints of their most treasured collections. Islamic art features paintings, embroidery, calligraphy and ceramics. The portal also aims to provide its artists with a steady income – meaning they spend less time worrying about finances, and more time creating breathtaking art. Adddionally, Islamic Art Prints have teamed up with a global network of printers in order to reduce the carbon footprint of global shipping. This is a space for new and emerging artists, who have a specific interest or focus in Islamic Art, to begin their journey into the industry. [More]
PERSIAN TWELVES FINE ART PRINT£80BY SAMIRA MIANThe shapes and lines of the carved stone work and jaalis from the Mughal era interpreted in bright vibrant watercolours.