Friday, June 12, 2020

Should the Uffizis Art Be Returned to Churches?

By Chandra Noyes
Andrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci, The Baptism of Christ, detail, c. 1475. Oil on panel. Originally commissioned by the Church of Saint Salvi, now housed at the Uffizi Gallery.
As museums grapple with if and how to reopen with new social distancing measures in place, they are getting more creative in their approaches to reaching a greater audience. Nearly all major museums and galleries have done this by going online, be it through online viewing rooms, virtual reality tours, social media promotions, or increased educational opportunities. Even before the COVID-19 crisis kept us all in our homes, you could tour the Uffizi virtually and see many of its works online. But the Uffizi may be the first to suggest taking precious works out of the galleries and into other venues to expand beyond their own four walls. [More]
Giotto, Madonna Enthroned (Ognissanti Madonna), c. 1310. Tempera on panel. Originally commissioned for the Ognissanti church in Florence, now housed at the Uffizi Gallery.