Jesus Art Fight Fueled by Litigation Finance

By Roy Strom
"Prince of Peace" by Akiane Kramarik
Akiane Kramarik
gained fame in 2003 as a 9-year-old for painting a handsome, green-eyed Jesus Christ that she said appeared to her during divine visions, telling Oprah Winfrey her talent “comes from God.” “Prince of Peace” remains one of the most recognized depictions of Jesus around the globe. It was bolstered by the Greg Kinnear-starring movie “Heaven is For Real,” and mass-marketed by Carol Corneliuson, whose Christian art business served as Kramerik’s licensing arm for more than a decade, selling her art for as much as $75,000. Kramarik recently received $500,000 from a finance firm that invests in litigation to fund a copyright lawsuit against Corneliuson’s business, Art & SoulWorks. [More
Artist Akiane Kramarik got $500,000 from Legalist to fund a copyright lawsuit against Carol Corneliuson. La Vita Photography