Saturday, August 22, 2020

My Rembrandt | A Dcumentary in Collectors

Jan Six XI in front of Rembrandt’s ‘Portrait of a Young Gentleman’ (1635) in ‘My Rembrandt’. Courtesy Dogwoof
The central figure in Oeke Hoogendijk’s new documentary My Rembrandt is silent and his screen time is minimal. There’s someone who might be him in the background of a painting, but as no one’s sure who painted it, it might not be him at all. This silence doesn’t matter though; the film isn’t about Rembrandt. Rather his work is the McGuffin uniting the owners and would-be owners of Rembrandts who are the subjects of this engaging film. Although Jan Six’s quest is at the heart of the documentary, other owners of Rembrandts offer various insights into a club Six may be about to belong to. My Rembrandt is streaming and in cinemas from 14 August [More]
The Duke of Buccleuch at home in Dumlanrig Castle. Above the fireplace hangs ‘An Old Woman Reading’ by Rembrandt. Courtesy Dogwoof