Monday, September 21, 2020

Made in St. Louis: Her Art Goes Beyond Jewish Paper Cutting She's Known For

By Pat Eby
Jerusalem, a acrylic painting of buildings in the city. Photo by Kim Phillips
Artist Kim Phillips makes her marks in the world through drawing, typography, design, paper cutting, painting and more. Her works are a pleasure to behold, and the focused intent she brings to her pieces is grounded in a faith she lives each day. Phillips, who wanted to better understand her Jewish friends’ religion, spent a year immersed in the study of Judaism. “Well, I read an lot of books in those 12 months on theology, history, the Bible, holidays, art and more. When I finished in 2001, I told the new rabbi at the synagogue I attended ‘I want to convert.’ I did, and she’s my rabbi to this day.” [More
House Blessing, a papercut by Kim Phillips. Photo by Kim Phillips