Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Online Art in Focus: Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant, A Jew of Tangier

A Jew of Tangier / "Juif de Tanger" by Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant (1845 - 1902) Primary
Our virtual Art in Focus series offers the opportunity for a close look around a single work of art. On Thursday, October 8, join Curator of Education and Academic Engagement Michelle DiMarzo for a discussion of Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant’s “A Jew of Tangier” on Quick Sessions Live! Take a peek at a “Jew of Tangier” and send any questions you have about the artwork ahead of the Art in Focus to Curator of Education Michelle DiMarzo (mdimarzo@fairfield.edu). Benjamin Constant was a member of the Society of French Orientalist Painters. Founded in 1894, the group's mission was to encourage artists to travel to the Middle East and North Africa and to promote work that took up Orientalist themes. [More