Monday, September 14, 2015

Pace gallery opens solo exhibition of Buddhist influenced work by Korean-born artist Lee Ufan

"From Point" (1978) by Lee Ufan. Glue and mineral pigment on canvas, 46" x 35-7/8"
UNITED KINGDOM—Pace London presents its first solo exhibition of work by Korean-born artist Lee Ufan. Lee Ufan's work, in theory and practice, demonstrates mastery at crossing boundaries and initiating poetic dialogues between cultures, nature, material and space. A founding member of Mono-ha ("Object School") Lee Ufan's work meditates on gesture and nature, giving rise to new perceptions.   "Space means the infinite….Buddhism teaches that being is possible only because there is also nothingness, and appearance coexists with disappearance."[i] —Lee Ufan, 2011. [link]