Friday, May 13, 2016

Indy Arts Forefather, Philip Campbell, Brings His Art to the Harrison Center

By Dan Grossman
"Rising From the Fire" (2016) by Philip Campbell
INDIANA---The Dubious Lives of Ordinary Men might be seen of the passing of the torch in a way, from the artist-run-spaces and art galleries that dominated the scene in the '90s and '00s to the arts nonprofits that dominate the scene today. In any case, [Philip] Campbell's positive experiences at iMOCA and Harrison (both nonprofits) are the fruits of a vibrant Indy arts culture that Campbell helped to create. "My recent experience with nonprofit spaces has been really incredible," says Campbell. "The Harrison is doing everything right ... It's a real community." [link]

Harrison Center for the Arts: "The Dubious Lives of Ordinary Men" (May 2016);1505 North Delaware, Indianapolis, IN; (317)396-3886;