Monday, November 28, 2016

The absence of Calvinist morality in the drawings of Cecily Brown'

By John Yau
Installation view of “Cecily Brown: Rehearsal” (2016), The Drawing Center, New York (photo by Martin Parsekian)
NEW YORK---The erotic relationship between looking and doing, between returning and repeating, between caressing, rubbing and scratching, is the subject of this aptly named exhibition, Cecily Brown: Rehearsal, at The Drawing Center (October 7 – December 18, 2016), curated by Claire Gilman. Born in England in 1969 and relocating to America in 1995, Brown seems not to have been inflicted with Calvinist morality. What distinguishes Brown from many American artists (mostly men) who depict female nudes is her lack of self-hatred. [link]
Cecily Brown, “Analysis of Beauty (After Hogarth)” (2014), watercolor, ink, and oil on paper, 14 1/8 x 20 inches (courtesy of the artist, photo by Genevieve Hanson)