Monday, January 9, 2017

In BYU MOA’s ‘To Magnify the Lord’ exhibit, six centuries of art share the spotlight

By Court Mann
"The Prodigal's Return" (1869) by Sir Edward John Poynter
UTAH---Employees at Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art didn’t want one of its new exhibits, “To Magnify the Lord,” to feel like the others. The exhibit, which features Christian art from six different centuries, is one of the museum’s most far-reaching religious showcases to date. It reaches deep into the museum’s archives, displaying pieces that the MOA has never showed before. For all the striking pieces “To Magnify the Lord” displays, it’s only a portion of the museum’s religious art collection. That collection started being built in earnest in 2001, and BYU is unique in that it celebrates and champions these works not just as beautiful pieces of art history, but as pieces of religious devotion. Other art museums don’t emphasize the latter to the same degree. [link]

Brigham Young University Museum of Art: “To Magnify the Lord,” (Through summer 2019); North Campus Drive, Provo, Utah; (801)422-8287;