Thursday, June 8, 2017

Greg Olsen's Mormon art is not only everywhere — it's everybody

By Jerry Earl Johnston
Unveiling in 2015 of Greg Olsen's new painting "Treasures of Knowledge" that will be displayed in the family room of the Gordon B. Hinckley Visitors and Alumni Center. The painting was commissioned by Leo and Annette Beus.
How does artist Greg Olsen do it? He’s a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, yet he’s able to place his artwork in the shops, catalogs — even the buildings — of other Christian faiths. He goes where few Mormon artists have gone before. He’s everywhere. While in Chicago, my wife and I visited the church where the legendary evangelist D.A. Moody delivered his fiery sermons. In the gift shop we found prints and postcards of Jesus, the art by Greg Olsen. On a trip to California, I stopped to visit a Coptic Christian monastery that was at the end of the longest, meanest dirt road in America. Among the pictures for sale there I found Greg Olsen’s artwork. Maybe he has a savvy agent. Or maybe he simply does what so many great Christian artists have done. [More]

In Remembrance of Me" by Greg Olsen