Friday, July 28, 2017

Collector: Cheech Marin, searching for a ‘Chicano Rockwell’

Show Us Your Walls
By Michael Walker
The actor and comedian Cheech Marin with “Una Tarde en Meoqui,” by the artist Wayne Alaniz Healy. Credit Monica Almeida/The New York Times
LOS ANGELES---Cheech Marin gestures affectionately at a canvas hanging in the kitchen of his hilltop home here in Pacific Palisades. The multi-hyphenate actor, musician, author and founding member of the cannabis-infused Cheech & Chong is loath to cite favorites in his extensive collection of Chicano art but confesses a soft spot for Wayne Alaniz Healy’s Una Tarde en Meoqui” (“One Afternoon in Meoqui”). “That’s Norman Rockwell, where I come from — if Rockwell were a Chicano,” Mr. Marin said. In May, Riverside, the Los Angeles suburb, agreed to convert a former public library into the Cheech Marin Museum of Chicano Art, Culture & Industry, currently in the early stages of fund-raising, which would display works from his collection alongside new paintings and sculpture. [More]
Courtesy of The New York Times
Courtesy of Dope Magazine
Cheech Marin stands next to Frank Romero's “Metro Station (Parade of Masks diptych)." Image courtesy of the Los Angeles Times